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York University Allies and Faculty for Palestine Joint Sign-On Letter: End the Suspensions, Drop the Charges

Please sign and distribute this letter initiated by York University allies and Faculty for Palestine in solidarity with eleven comrades who were arrested for allegedly postering a Toronto Indigo bookstore. The letter condemns Toronto Police Services for  arresting and laying criminal charges against the eleven and calls for the charges to be dropped. It also denounces York University’s suspension of three York employees, who were among the charged, and calls for their immediate reinstatement. 

Toronto police carried out the arrests in pre-dawn raids of their homes. As reported in Breach Media, “Front doors were broken, computers and cell phones were confiscated, and anyone present was placed in handcuffs, including the elderly, leaving disturbed and distressed families in their wake.” The letter calls out the actions of the Toronto Police as a strategy to attack the growing Palestine solidarity movement by creating a climate of fear.

The letter condemns the characterization of Palestine solidarity as anti-semitic and provides context for the targeting of Indigo: “Indigo has long been subject to civil society protests based on the fact that its founder and CEO also co-founded a charity that directly supports the Israeli military. The HESEG foundation, and its Lone Soldier program, provide direct financial support to foreign volunteers to the Israeli Defense Forces.”

The 600+ signers to date demand that the charges “be dropped immediately and call for the police to publicly apologize for these acts of intimidation and harassment.”  The signatories also call on York University to honour its “core value ‘to advance social justice and equity through critical insight.. and socially responsible action’ and stand behind workers and alumni fighting these political charges.”

Please sign and share this letter even if you do not have a York affiliation.

York University Allies and Faculty for Palestine Joint Sign-On Letter: End the Suspensions, Drop the Charges.

Stand Against Apartheid Lawfare

Faculty for Palestine is one of multiple organizations to endorse the Stand Against Apartheid Lawfare petition
The petition is a response by members of the American Studies Association to the last remaining lawsuit targeting the ASA’s BDS resolution.
Among other things, the petition points out that the lawsuit names “further members of the ASA who, we note, are predominantly queer, indigenous/Palestinian, and women of color, despite the fact that those working towards the resolution also included white (and specifically white Jewish) ASA members, and although an overwhelming majority of the ASA membership voted in favor of the resolution.”
Please take the time to review the petition in full and consider signing.

Stand Against Apartheid Lawfare!

The Louis D. Brandeis Center is engaged in lawfare against members of the American Studies Association, against the association itself, and against the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel ( This lawfare takes the form of a frivolous and racist lawsuit.

As experts at Palestine Legal have explained: “The Brandeis Center is seeking to fix the failed theory of their original lawsuit against the American Studies Association (ASA) by asking the court for permission to add new theories and new defendants . . .


Solidarity with Bill Mullen

The US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) is calling on faculty and students to defend Bill Mullen, professor of English and American Studies at Purdue University, from “false and malicious attacks” by Purdue’s president, Mitch Daniels. The statement of support for Mullen condemns Daniels for   the “misconception . . . that anti-Zionism is antisemitic.”

Please join Faculty for Palestine in signing and sharing this public statement.

TO SIGN: Click the link, scroll to the end of the statement, then add your name, affiliation and email address in the highlighted area.